Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break - First Stop Zillah

So, for sping break we decided to go up to Bothel to go see
Auntie Emily and Uncle Mark.
Matts brother Jake was having an awful migraine and needed a
priesthood blessing so we decided to stop in Zillah on the way. When we got to Jakes house, we read online that the pass was closed so we decided to stay the night. We let the kids play!

In Uncle Jakes back yard..adventure awaited for the kids. Liam loved the trampoline..we call him a little rabbit. He can hop a foot high or so continually. That is pretty good for a 2 year old..he has no fear.

Also in the back yard is a mass quantity of broken trees. It became a major fun zone for the kids, crawling over and under..just look..I almost wanted to get in there and explore.

Then some more trampoline fun..Jena did not want her picture I had to chase her with the camera..till she was giggling. All the while Shaylynn happily watched out the sliding glass doors.

Oh and Grace has something to give to you!! lol. This is her newest favorite thing pick yellow dandelions or bush flowers and give them to people. It justs melts your heart.

More from spring break 2009 to come!


  1. Next time you will be traveling to boise i hope....=) You got some real cute pictures. I do need you to come to our house and take some of claire. She is really hard to get a picture of too. I am glad you had fun, it is so nice to get away sometimes. I miss you bad, real bad. I am needing a dose of Karrie right about now. I am always the happiest when I get together with you. hugs!

  2. I love all your pictures. All your kids are happy! What a nice vacation. I need a dose of Karrie right now also. You always make me laugh.

  3. that pic of shay through the window cracks me up!! everyone is getting so big!! miss ya'll