Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summertime- Mann Clan has arrived!

This summer has been so much fun. I have missed out on lots of great picture taking opportunities because my camera broke! Last weekend we went camping with Jake & Angela and this week the Mann troup has arrived. Kids are everywhere. 8 Children, 4 Adults and one dog= a BUSY house!!! Its been really fun. Next week The Ashbys will be coming along with my little brother Jordan (who is going on a mission to Las Vegas in a few weeks!) . We will be going to the fair then too..cant wait!!!!!!

Here are some of the pictures thus far of our many adventures this week. On Saturday: Yard Sales!!!! Tiffany showed Micah how to do his first real "bartering." Yard Sales are an art ya know..she had Micah offer the lady .50 cents for some relaxtion balls. He didnt want to do it..he was scared, but eventually Tiffany helped him out and he got them for .50 !

The next morning I woke up to some little singing mini Jonas brothers.. Trevor and Liam . We should call the band "Under-Jammers."

We then went to visit Grandpa Billy in the nursing home. Here are some pictures of that visit. Tiffany sang while Kyle played the guitar. It. Was. AWESOME!. I really miss hearing Tiffany sing..I dont think there is anything more beautiful than her voice and I have forgotten that.

Grandpa loved it! Vivian came in to hear the tunes too.

And then the next day the kids decided to take a bath with these cool tub crayons and they had a blast -- a messy messy blast. Here is what that looked like:

More to come this week...stay tuned!