Friday, April 24, 2009


I was never happier to see this as I drove home. The US border!! I didnt have my ID, so I had to go inside and talk to them this time. But they let me in..yes! I love the good old USA!!!

Home sweet home. To see my beautiful children whom I have missed dearly!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

*sigh* Day 3

So today was quite the day. It started out great! We went to the Vancouver Aquarium! Parked the car, paid for the parking and went inside.
We watched the birds show and the dolphins show first. They were fun.

Then wandered through all the other cool sealife areas. My favorite sea creature has always been the beluga whales. They are like beautiful. We also saw jellyfish,birds,seahorses and even saw the sharks getting fed. It was fun! Here are some of the pictures.

Well, when we saw all that there was to see, we went out to the car. Lo and behold we came and saw this:a broken window with a note on the car to come back inside to see Aquarium Security.

I was so upset, had to wear my sunglasses to hide the tears. I left my purse in the backseat, and it was stolen with the window broken. This just really really stinks! Went inside, called police and they just did an over-the-phone report. In my purse are my ID , credit cards and oh yeah, $300 cash! Not to mention tickets to the dinosaur show coming to Yakima and some coupons..grrrr!

The security says they have been hit up with robbery a lot lately but most of the time the purses or bags are found in the forest/park. So Dad and I searched the park for a few hours. We came upon quite a few spots where other purses had been stolen...with all their stuff strewn about. Dont forget the drug needles..always a fun find. yuck.

No purse. So dissapointed. It was now after 5pm and we were hungry so we gave up the search and drove into town to look for something. We had been walking all day long and were so tired. My feet hurt so much. We went into a downtown area walking and looking for dinner. We asked a shop owner where she would recommend eating, and she said just up the street and a few blocks is the best place in town. So we walked.
And walked.
And walked.
walk. walk. walk.
Finally we got there about a mile later. But the food was soooo good! I had never had Greek food before and I was so impressed. Here are pics of us eating dinner.

After dinner, we walked (I limped at this point) back to the car. Went back to hotel and finally relaxed. Look at our tired feet! We cannot walk anymore.

What a rough day. Tomorrow..I drive back and I cant wait to get back to the US. Home..I miss Home!!! But I am also gonna miss my daddy. I love my daddy!!!

Day 2 in Vancouver!

So day 2..We went to eat breakfast at the Hampton..added to Dads apple stockpile. We are sporting like 8 apples I think now..oh and two oranges. Plus dad came back with a massive quantity of candy from his convention...he says he just poured the whole bowl in!! HOARD ALERT!! He may have gone too far that!!

But you know what was cute? Dad says he always takes an apple on his walk to work to hand to a homeless person on the way. There are a lot of homeless people here ..tons. Anyways, I thought that was really cool. So today he took one of the "breakfasts to go to give to one of has apple,muffin,snack bar ect. My dad has the best heart.

So Dad went off to work..and I decided to go run on the treadmill. I ran a mile and then sat down to the computer. Skyped the kids, did some blogging and just relaxed! By the way, Dad LOVES this skype is a pic of him talking to Grace and Liam!
At lunch time dad called and wanted to meet me half way, and have lunch. We found this really cool little diner with DELICIOUS food! We both had paninis..they were fancy. This was the best meal we have eaten on this trip thus far. By the way I am horrible at trying to get a picture with both of us in it..see?

Later that night, we started on our way to Chinatown. It was probably a mile walk there..but we were excited to eat some "real chinese food".
AT first it looked okay..but sooner than we thought..we were in the ghetto.
Oh my!!!! Nearly all of Chinatown here was dead..empty, barred windows.. the BAD side of town. I was totally freaked out! I was too scared to take any pictures. The only people around were scaries, druggies, homeless, or gangster looking ones. We were like fast walking ducks.. I am serious..we were lucky we werent mugged or stabbed. I was stepping over drug needles here and there, and I even saw a drug deal. We had read about this one Chinese restaurant that was supposed to be good..but by the time we got there it was 7:00 ish or so..and we figured that we better not stay as we have to walk back in the dark.

Look at that in Chinatown..nothing says welcome to Vancouver than a big pile of toxic waste!

We decided to try to find dinner on an island..but it was waaay far away. Probably like 5 miles or something..but we started on our way. Dad noticed that he had been to Vancouver for the 1986 World Fair. So we took a few pictures of the big silver building for memories sake.

Then kept on walking.. It was a nice path along the inlet. We stopped for some fun pics here and there. Look how beautiful the city scape is!! Amazing!

Then we found a place with a small ferry boat that would take us to the island..woo hoo!!! Here we are on the ride!

Arrived at the Island, and went to this really nice restaurant for dinner. Food wasnt the greatest, but the view was AMAZING! I tried for a picture in the dark..but it was blurry. It was so gorgeous though. Afterwards we took a taxi (my first taxi ride ever by the way..) and got back to the hotel. We went hot tubbing, sauna-ing, and then got back to watch the re-run of American Idol. I fell asleep in the middle of it. It was a fun day!!! Tomorrow..the aquarium!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I"m in Vancouver BC!

My Dad came to Vancouver , British Columbia Canada for a business trip and so..
I took a drive, dropped off Grace & Liam at Auntie Emily and Uncle Marks house and continued up to Vancouver to spend a few days with my DADDY!

If you would like to see what Grace & Liam are up to while at Em & Marks house..Click HERE for daily posts!

When I arrived at the hotel, my dad was still away working so I came into the room. Upon arrival I saw this on the bed:

I laughed in spite of myself as anyone who knows my dad..knows he loves to go down to breakfast at the hotel and bring back a weeks supply of everything he can every day. He is a hotel supplies/food HOARDER...and I love that about him. I am sure by the end of the week I will come home with a bag full of mini shampoos, lotions and shower caps too.. LOL!!!

When he came back from work we hugged!!! It was so great to see him!!! Then off we went on a long walk through Vancouver downtown. He bought me 2 swimming suits as I couldn't make up my mind on which one I wanted (an early birthday present).

We looked all over for a good restaurant, and while we were looking at this one particular steak house menu..the chef came out and talked us into eating at his restaurant!! We shared a fancy version of POUTINE (french fries with cheese and gravy poured on top), and steak. I talked my dad into trying real Canadian Coke-a-cola...he liked it! By the way, my food had a hair in it and my steak was rare, so they had to take it the time it was cooked, it was chewy. So food wasnt too great. But the time spent with my dad was wonderful.

Tonight we are off to more adventure -- and possibly Chinatown! I will keep you posted! By the way, here is the view out our hotel window!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Red Door

Lookie Lookie!! I was given a nice little gift this week. Something to smile about whenever I walk in my front door!

Grandpa & Grandma Truman decided I needed a door-lift.Thank you so much. I love my new red door! And I am throwing in the cute picture of my popcorn poppin looking tree..its so cute!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for Easter! Jake & Angela came down as well as Emily and Mark! We all hung out and enjoyed each others company. Here are pictures of Grandma and the twins making Easter eggs!

All the while Grace and Jena dressed up as princesses and danced around.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

Emily came down to our house this Weekend and we were able to celebrate her birthday!

She turned 29! That is so funny because that is how old I am! :) And holding..

Can I tell you a few of my favorite things about Emily?
--She is someone who is so easy to talk to..a great listener.
--She is one of the most thoughtful people I know and always remembers everyones birthdays.
--A great baker..her cookies are world class. Seriously Em..need that cookie recipe.
--She is so sweet and innocent - and I think its so cute she cant watch movies with ANY violence in them. I am sure Heavenly Father looks down and smiles at your pure innocence.
--She is very crafty! Have you seen this quilt she made my Liam?
--She is amazing with all her nieces and nephews..she spoils them, loves them and brings back souvenirs from her many travels.
--We all love her more than she will ever know.

Here are some pictures of her birthday at our house. The cake is first..Ice Cream Cake -- YUM! Can I just say thank you to you Emily one more time for having a birthday..mmmm.. I tried to make a 29 out of candles..didnt really work out all that well.

Sing with me.."Happy Birthday to you..."

Make a wish..Liam wanted to get a closer look at that cake.

Present time!

Happy Birthday Emily!! We wish you the best year ever!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break - First Stop Zillah

So, for sping break we decided to go up to Bothel to go see
Auntie Emily and Uncle Mark.
Matts brother Jake was having an awful migraine and needed a
priesthood blessing so we decided to stop in Zillah on the way. When we got to Jakes house, we read online that the pass was closed so we decided to stay the night. We let the kids play!

In Uncle Jakes back yard..adventure awaited for the kids. Liam loved the trampoline..we call him a little rabbit. He can hop a foot high or so continually. That is pretty good for a 2 year old..he has no fear.

Also in the back yard is a mass quantity of broken trees. It became a major fun zone for the kids, crawling over and under..just look..I almost wanted to get in there and explore.

Then some more trampoline fun..Jena did not want her picture I had to chase her with the camera..till she was giggling. All the while Shaylynn happily watched out the sliding glass doors.

Oh and Grace has something to give to you!! lol. This is her newest favorite thing pick yellow dandelions or bush flowers and give them to people. It justs melts your heart.

More from spring break 2009 to come!