Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter everyone! Yesterday my Aunt Emily and Mark came down and they brought Elizabeth and Mark(they are as cute as ever!!) and I got some pictures.And I also of us making Easter eggs and our Easter outfits, here are some pictures from this morning and last night:

                                                                            Elezabeth is such a cutey pie!
                                                                        Mark is a handsome cutey pie :)
                                                                   All of our colors to dye our eggs in 

                                                                                        Micah's egg  
                                                                                         Liams egg
(pink of course)
                                                                                         Graces egg
(Orange my new favorite color)
                                                                                               My egg
                                                          We made our eggs sparkly and went to bed 
We got up and after eating almost all of our candy got dressed in our Sunday clothes.This is Micah in his suit 
                                                                               Grace in her Easter dress

                                 Liam haha he look like a little man in this! He is so cute!

                                               The two handsome "men" in there suites
This one is my favorite (not just cause I'm in it) Well HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lots of New Pictures

Sorry, I haven't been blogging for a while.I've been lets say "lazy" for the past few weeks.BUT! it gave me lots of time to take lots of pictures!We went up to my uncle Jake's house and there back yard is BEAUTIFUL!First the trip there......

                                      I t was a game that we played,i had to take pictures of semi trucks this was my best
                 After we got to Jake's I took some pictures of there AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL back yard :)

                                                                                These were my favorites
                                                                                            Graces favorite

                                                                                          Pretty backyard

                           The car ride home

                   On the car ride home we stopped  by our old house.I miss it.Anyways sorry for not blogging for a while.Hope to blog again soon!