Friday, October 31, 2008


We went to the Pumpkin patch last friday and of course our camera ran out of battery power after the first picture - but here it is!
I hope you all get LOTS of CANDY!!
Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monicas Photography talent

My little lady Monica is so much fun these days. She is 9 years old and such a big help to me! She has such a beautiful heart - and this girl is FULL of talents! From soccer star to writing stories, to dancing...and piano...and introducing her newet talent --- PHOTOGRAPHY! Last month we went to the park and Monica asked if she could take some pictures..I said "Sure!...Just be careful!" So then when I got home and looked at her pictures I was amazed. Sure there were a few junkers in there..but as you can see some great ones came out. Enjoy! Every picture except this first one Monica took with my cheap-O digital camera.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun at the FAIR!

Every year its our tradition to take the kids to the fair - this spring we just moved to the Tri-Cities so I took the kids to the Benton Franklin County Fair this year. Highlights of the day --
- Purchased Monica & Micah bracelets for rides
- within 1 Hour of riding Rides Micah was SICK and didnt want to ride any more rides - he went home with his friend Danny as Danny was also sick from the rides.
-Took Grace, Liam & Monica to see animals - as pictured

- Went to the kiddie section of rides and let Grace go on them with Monica... Grace at first was a little scared of rides ...
But Monica helped her get into the fun...

Then I let them all go on a pony ride--they all LOVED it - especially Liam!

More Rides with Grace and Monica!

This donkey did NOT want LIAM near him -- he was a grumpy DONKEY!

All in all a fun day - I just LOVE the fair!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Micahs Football Days

Just added these 3 actual GAME Pictures --- micah is #11 -- or shall we say number ONE ONE!

This fall Micah has been enjoying his first Football Season = his team is called the DRAGONS..He played Defense most of the season and Kicker! He loved hanging out with all the guys and playing rough.. The season has now come to an end...but he had a blast! Micah is in the red jersey #5 for practicing in...

My Micah is just about the funnest kid around - He has been the best big brother to Liam and just a side note - they sleep and snuggle together in bed at night on purpose -its so sweet. 9 years old and full of joy. His singing an angel too!!


I was upstairs getting ready for the day..and when I came down Liam, Grace and the little girl I babysit, Laiken, had the whole box of cheerios poured out and were eating,dancing and playing in it...They were having a CHERRIOS PARTY!! It was so shocking I had to run to get the camera!! Yes this is just a typical day in the Truman household. I am sure someday we will miss having TODDLERS around!!