Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today we went to a fun park next to the columbia river,it was such a nice day and its confrence week so me and Micah get out at 10:45.Soo we spent 2 hours playing and capturing them! :D

(i was on top to)
 Micah  decided that even with a hurt foot to climb a 15 foot rock climbing wall...

Grace loved jumping off this thing that sent you flying down this is her way
Liam played and hade fun in his ways :)
(these are my favorites)

We sit to look at the river

It was pretty cool this goose came pretty close to us!
Skipping rocks
This is a movie that I made that has a twist at the end :) enjoy

Sunday, March 20, 2011


On Saturday I was in the sleeping beauty, I didn't get any pictures of me in costume but I got some while I was back stage with my bffs:
    Me and one of my bffs back stage waiting to go on stage
Both of my bffs together

After the show we all waited outside for our parents
Perfect picture of them jumping
Failed picture jumping
I stepped on a goat head first,but I refused to put on shoes this is what I get...

This is my fake crying while they pulled it out

Finnaly we hade to go home, this picture shows our freindship :D

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Play dough creations

 My mom bought a whole new tub of playdough so we decided to make some creations... 
Grace busy at work

Liam busy at work
        My hambuger

Graces icecream (strawberry)

Liams Oreo
    Liams uhhhhh creation......
My gingerbread man

Graces kitty (this is her favorite)
All together
            After we ate our creations we wait for american idol

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Soccer season has started up and Grace loves it.I took some pictures with my camera enjoy :D

                                                 Grace getting ready for her game
                    While Grace was getting dressed Liam went outside with his new scooter
Yes Grace isn't the only girl on her team with the name Grace

                                                       A few action shots of Grace
        After the game Liam and Grace both went in the backyard and played in the sand
                                                  after there long day

Monica is now in charge of TRUMANIA!!!!

I've decided to use my camera and keep everyone updated on the Truman's.