Monday, August 8, 2011

Liams Birthday!!

As most of you know its Liam's Birthday!! I'm sorry I haven't been blogging but my camera broke.Well today we had a party with my Aunt Ashley and my cousins Clair,Lauren, and Max. We also invited some of the neighbors Shayah,Bree, and Devon Liam's best friend.Here are the pictures from the party:
Liam wanted his theme to be SPIDER MAN!

We ordered a cake from Costco and we decided to get a baseball cake
Liam's getting ready to blow out the candles.....
Bending down!

Here he goes!
All gone :)

My dad cutting the cake

Everyone anxious for cake!!
Liam got mad cause someone put frosting on his nose

Me and Lauren with frosting on our nose :)

Don't forget about MAX!

This is Liam's first present.A remote control truck! From Mommy and Daddy
Next LEGO STAR WARS!Also from Mommy and Daddy

Liam got alot more presents but my camera died after this one.I also got Liam a present,a green hot wheels motorcycle.Micah got Liam a "gold" motorcycle.Liam also got squirt guns,bubbles,and a bug catcher and more.Liam had losts of fun with his friends and family and is now 5 years old.So "Happy Birthday to you!"Happy Birthday to you!"Happy Birthday dear Liam, Happy Birthday to you!" <3 u!