Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gracie Dialogues Part III

Gracies sings "Families are Forever" as only Gracie can..Look out Motab!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Gracie Dialogue's Part II

Happy Valentines Day!!..that is what she is saying here.. in part 2 of the Gracie Dialogue's
(Grace is taking speech therapy and is working hard at saying her words.- But you may still not understand a whole lot of what she is saying.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mommy & Liam time

About 3-4 times a week Grace goes off to preschool and the twins head off to school as well. So Liam gets special alone time with mommy. Yesterday we went to Dennys and enjoyed pancakes--the real deal..special one on one time. Normally though I do a lot of shopping with him during this time. He does pretty well too. Other days I will watch him ride his scooter, or jump on our trampoline. He is constant smiles outside. I cant tell you just how much I love spending time with my little Liam. He is 2 years old, full of energy, talkative, and just plain ole cuteness pours out of him all the time. I love my spoiled baby!

Oh and here are a couple pictures of Liam dressed in his Sunday Best -- such a little man!

Valentines Boxes and Cards

With Valentines day coming this week all Monica and Micah could talk about was "THE" Valentines school classroom party. Do you remember those days? The anticipation almost too much to bear? Yeah, that would be the twins all week long.

This year they were to design and create their own valentine box as well as bring their valentines. So we brainstormed, searched online and got to work. I told them they could choose to either do storebought or homemade valentines. Monica chose homemade and Micah really wanted 3-D ones so we storebought his. Heres what they made:


Monica:: designed a purse-shaped box. She got the idea after seeing a gift bag shaped like a purse at the dollar store (where candy was purchased for the valentines.) Her Valentines were homemade..I found the idea for those here. She colored each one (this took some time) but the results were cute. She put candy inside each one. Here are the pictures:

Micah:: Micah and I found this cool locker valentine box online here, and he decided he loved the idea. He wanted 3-D Starwars valentines and found the ones pictured below and added a candy.

Today was the big day and they came home with lots o goodies!
Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!! We love you all!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Gracie Dialogues Part I

This week we figured out the little camera on our laptop.
And Grace wanted to have a moment to herself on film.

Should I have cleaned up the room a little before doing this?
Yes. But it is too late now isn't it?
You will have to just get over the fact I am a lazy person on Sunday mornings.. (okay, yeah, its all the time..)

Hope you enjoy this first video in the Gracie Dialogues.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My newest pastime

And no, its not making cupcakes...
Its reading my new favorite blog. Its what I have been looking at for 2 days straight now..that is one of her blog pictures that makes me hungry.
Its called The Pioneer Woman and I seriously could read her posts for hours.
She also does awesome giveaways, has photoshop tips, and food that makes me want to lick the screen.

Thats all.
Just had to share.

Her blog is great -- be warned.
You may get addicted too.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photoshop fun

I just learned a new skill today -- woo hoo!! I learned how to turn a pic black and white and add a little color back in. Yeay!!! This is my first its not that great..but this photoshop thing is AWESOME! (Ash, you must call me so I can tell you how to do this.)

More Organizing

Hello everyone..happy Wednesday! I am feeling so good....this organizing going on over here is contagious. Last week I did a small organizion project and this week I tackled my pantry. It took a little while - but I love it!

Behold the before...(yes I am embarrassed to say I have been coming home from shopping & throwing it all in..just looking for a spot somewhere..)

So I started working...then realized I needed to organize all my other food cupboards too..because I wanted things Juuuuust right.. So Behold another BEFORE...

And Behold the AFTERS:

And the After of the other cupboards:

Now everything is neat and tidy and I can actually find things! Sweet!!! Off to find somewhere else to organize.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pinewood Derby Fun

Micah is a Bear this year in cub scouts.
It was pinewood derby time so Micah

:designed his car :

this took many sheets of paper to get the design just right

:picked his paint colors:

burgandy and gray

:drew the pattern on the wood block:

:helped dad cut it out:

Dad did most of this with Micah watching

:Sanded it:

lots of wood shavings on my floor

:painted it:

chose where to put the gray stripes

:added the wheels:

:and finally raced it:

His car was not a winner..[boo hoo]..but the real fun lies in making the car! His car was probably one of the least fastest..but we didnt know you are suppost to grease the maybe next year we will have the fastest car ever. But as you can see Micah still had fun!

All the cars in the derby competition...Micahs is #3 --and he got a certificate that says his car is the most futuristic! Check out this cool Wii remote car someone made -- it was soooo coool!!