Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Boxes and Cards

With Valentines day coming this week all Monica and Micah could talk about was "THE" Valentines school classroom party. Do you remember those days? The anticipation almost too much to bear? Yeah, that would be the twins all week long.

This year they were to design and create their own valentine box as well as bring their valentines. So we brainstormed, searched online and got to work. I told them they could choose to either do storebought or homemade valentines. Monica chose homemade and Micah really wanted 3-D ones so we storebought his. Heres what they made:


Monica:: designed a purse-shaped box. She got the idea after seeing a gift bag shaped like a purse at the dollar store (where candy was purchased for the valentines.) Her Valentines were homemade..I found the idea for those here. She colored each one (this took some time) but the results were cute. She put candy inside each one. Here are the pictures:

Micah:: Micah and I found this cool locker valentine box online here, and he decided he loved the idea. He wanted 3-D Starwars valentines and found the ones pictured below and added a candy.

Today was the big day and they came home with lots o goodies!
Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!! We love you all!


  1. That is really creative. Did they win the contest?

  2. That is SO the twins! They both look really cute!