Friday, February 13, 2009

Mommy & Liam time

About 3-4 times a week Grace goes off to preschool and the twins head off to school as well. So Liam gets special alone time with mommy. Yesterday we went to Dennys and enjoyed pancakes--the real deal..special one on one time. Normally though I do a lot of shopping with him during this time. He does pretty well too. Other days I will watch him ride his scooter, or jump on our trampoline. He is constant smiles outside. I cant tell you just how much I love spending time with my little Liam. He is 2 years old, full of energy, talkative, and just plain ole cuteness pours out of him all the time. I love my spoiled baby!

Oh and here are a couple pictures of Liam dressed in his Sunday Best -- such a little man!


  1. Great picts. I love spending time with the kids one on one.

  2. First of all that is the most beautiful picture of you, seriously!! Your hair and eyes look awesome. Secondly Liam's pics make me laugh, he is way too cute for his own good, and those church ones...I almost melted he's so dang cute (especially when he wants to run with butterknifes and bite you, right?!)!!!!

  3. I've said it once and I'll say it have the most BEAUTIFUL children! Are you sure you shouldn't have 10 more? tee hee
    luv Aunt Kate