Monday, February 2, 2009

Pinewood Derby Fun

Micah is a Bear this year in cub scouts.
It was pinewood derby time so Micah

:designed his car :

this took many sheets of paper to get the design just right

:picked his paint colors:

burgandy and gray

:drew the pattern on the wood block:

:helped dad cut it out:

Dad did most of this with Micah watching

:Sanded it:

lots of wood shavings on my floor

:painted it:

chose where to put the gray stripes

:added the wheels:

:and finally raced it:

His car was not a winner..[boo hoo]..but the real fun lies in making the car! His car was probably one of the least fastest..but we didnt know you are suppost to grease the maybe next year we will have the fastest car ever. But as you can see Micah still had fun!

All the cars in the derby competition...Micahs is #3 --and he got a certificate that says his car is the most futuristic! Check out this cool Wii remote car someone made -- it was soooo coool!!

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  1. i like micahs car a lot! He chose great manly colors. I hope to have a boy someday so that I can help with his car.