Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Sweet♥

My little sister Ashleigh tagged me for this cute Sweet♥ Tag.
This is my first time being tagged & I think this will be fun.

1. Where did you first meet your sweetheart?
My Sister Tiffany was living down in hot & beautiful St. George, Utah and had been asking me to come and stay with her for awhile. Now, there was also this missionary out on a mission I really liked and he was due to come home in a few I thought, okay I will go down and stay with Tiffany for a bit..see if anything happens there. So I moved down there.
Tiffany was dating this fellow and they asked me to come over to his apt and watch movies one night. I was bored, so I came.
Her boyfriends roommates came to watch the movie as well--and Matt was one of the roommates. I was so shy and sat down on the sofa feeling a little uncomfortable. Matt sat down next to me and said hi. We all watched the movie, and I think I was nervous with someone I didnt know sitting right next to me (especially a goodlooking guy), and so I didnt look around at all during the movie. My hair covered my face so he couldnt see me..
So after the movie..we all decided to play cards. Tiffany was feeling silly so she suggested we play poker, and winner gets our $2 of bread money we had with us. We all had a lot of fun and I remember Matt calling me "cutie" once while we played..and I thought.."what a flirt.." The guys all beat us at poker and took our bread money..LOL. But I instantly liked Matt - thought he was a fun guy. We asked the guys to come out to our trailer the next day and from then on hung out nearly everyday for a month as friends.

2. What do you remember most about him/her?

I remember thinking Matt was REALLY cute/gorgeous/handsome..(still is) and his personality was almost too good to be true. One day him and I as friends went on a walk around the St. George Temple and I asked him a lot about what he wanted in life, and I was surprised that what he wanted was what I wanted. He was always full of humor and wit, and was super fun. Did I mention I thought he was really cute? of my memories is of him coming out to our trailer and he was wearing this gray sweater...I was like drooling.. seriously.

3. Who asked out who first?
This is up for debate.. you will have to decide.:)
So we were just friends for about a month..but I was crushing on him a lot. But Tiffany was telling me she didnt think he would go out with I might not be his type. So I hadnt tried anything.
So this one summer day we all got up early and went on this AMAZING hike called "The Subway". It is part of Zions national park. This hike was an all day hike, full of swimming through rancid pools of water, climbing through canyons, rapelling, swimming under water and following a stream through a high canyon wall. Matt was the smart one and brought this huge 2-Liter bottle of water, and we were all making fun of him at first, saying.."that is A LOT of water..LOL" The rest of us only brought one bottle of water. By the end of the day, I was begging him for a drink, and of course he shared. Matt tried to show off once during the hike by sliding down this rivermade waterslide, but landed on a rock at the bottom, which had to hurt like heck. Noone else ventured on the waterslide to say the least. At once point during the hike, somehow Matt and I became separated from the group. We found this little tiny waterslide into a pool of water and I thought it would be fun, so I slid on in. But much to my surpise, there were all these little black leech type critters that lodged themselves all onto me. So I immediately got out..and was trying to get all these things off of me in a panic. Matt was picking them all off as well...all in my hair and face. When they were all gone Matt had my face in his two hands he was gonna kiss me...but shyly I looked away. We chatted the rest of the hike and went home to shower/change. We were to meet back that night to watch a movie.
It was when I got home I made a decision. I was going to make a move (and I had it all planned out...) at the movie that night I was going to do the LEAN ON HIS SHOULDER move..and if he didnt like me I could claim..oh, sorry, I am so tired..LOL. Perfect plan right? :)
That night Tiff and roommates put CONGO the movie on..I sat next to Matt, and did the lean..he put his arm around me, and held me the entire movie. To this day I cant remember a word of that movie..I was just so happy. After the movie he asked me If he could see me again..(and I was like..of course silly, we have only been seeing each other every day for a month..) We were after that night spending every day together.

4. What did you do on your first date?
Our first official date was to Mesquite,NV. We went to a magic show and dinner. We were double dating with Rob and Tina. It was really fun.
5. What were your favorite things to do together when you were dating?
We loved going to Mesquite Nevada..for the all you can eat buffets..and shows. Other than that we loved just hanging out, studying, going to movies and enjoying each others company.

6. When was your first kiss with your sweetheart?
The very next night after the lean move I made..we went on a late night drive. I promised myself I would not kiss him for the first time in the dark, as I wanted it to be in the daytime for some reason. ? Anyways, we went up and sat on this big cliff overlooking St.George and looked at the stars.. he put his arms around me and when I was pointing out a certain star he sweetly kissed me. It was a beautiful night and a really sweet kiss.

7. When did you first realize you loved him or her?

We had been together for about a month or so maybe..Tiffany had moved back to Washington, and I was alone in my trailer out in the middle of nowhere. So sometimes I had Matt come and sleep over because I was scared a little. We slept together (but we were good little mormon kids - really just worries). One night, we were lying there on the pullout sofa sleeper, and he had his arms around me, and soft music was playing. It was quiet, and still, and I was looking at the beauty outside the window, these beautiful cliffs..and I felt so much love and peace and happiness. I just knew then and there that I was so totally in love with him.

8. Who said it ( I love you) first?
Matt did. We were going to sleep in each others arms...and after about 15 minutes or so..I heard Matt whisper.."I am falling in love with you." I didnt say anything, pretended I was asleep or something..but inside was so very happy. I told him the next day that I was falling for him also.

9. How did he/ she propose?
I pretty much knew the night he was going to ask me, since he asked me to dress up nice. He brought me roses when he picked me up..and we went to this REALLY FANCY restaurant up by the airport in St George. We ate, enjoyed each others company, and then..
He took me to the place of our first kiss, up to that cliff overlooking the city. He got down on one knee, proceeded to share his feeling for me (which made me cry) and then proposed. I of course said yes.
10. What are two things you remember most about your wedding day?
Feeling like I had been apart from Matt for too long (we were apart for 2 months during our engagement..) as I had only been able to see him the night before. I was nervous about the temple, but it was beautiful in and out. But I remember looking at Matt across the alter and knowing this was the right choice. To be married forever with my sweetheart and bestfriend.
The second thing I remember was Matt forgot to bring black he wore white ones and looked like Michael was soo funny!Also my dad speaking at the reception.touching and LOL.

And do you know the best thing? Our relationship keeps getting better. Its been 12 years now and he is still by bestfriend and sweetheart .
Matt, I love you more than words can say.
Love Karrie
I now TAG::
Emily, Sara and Dandee :)


  1. Aww.. i loved reading your love story. the pics are so fun to look at. matt looks so young and i think micah looks just like him. You can tell you two are still madly inlove with eacother... when ever we are together he always makes you light up and he still makes you laugh. you two are a good match.

  2. I agree with Ashleigh! In the black and white picture it's 100% Micah and Monica!!! You two are perfect for each other and I hope he makes you laugh more, if not, you just let me know...

  3. man, i almost teared up in your story and emily's too!!! i never knew matt was such a romantic...and i love that black and white of you two...i am so blessed to have examples of love in my family and i can't wait to be able to look back on my true love experience like you guys!!!