Wednesday, January 7, 2009


First of all I wanted to mention that my computer and phone were not working since January 1st. My modem broke and I had to wait for the company to mail me a new one. Thus no posts for so long...sorry!

So...During the holiday break I had a


I went from [blonde] to [brown] baby!
Woo hoo! It is still a little shocking to me some days, but I really do love it a lot.
My sister in law Emily is great at everything, especially hair! She is by far the best hair dresser I have ever had. So, thanks again! Click here to see the before and after pictures she took.
Some pictures of my new hair -- can you tell I like it? [hee hee hee..]
::And here is the back of my hair::
So, what do you think?
~By the way, stay tuned for my posts about the New years!!


  1. you are drop dead gorgeous. i love the hair color. it brings out so much color in your face when you see the before and after picture. you look good with any color but i really like it brown.

  2. You look amazing! Hooray for good stylists!

  3. i will say it again I LOVE IT and i love you thanks again for everything these last 2 mo liz