Friday, January 23, 2009

Home from school

Martin Luther King Jr. Day means the kids are all home from school.
Normally we just have a bunch of the neighbor kids come over and play all day here, but I was having some cabin fever and needed to get out.
So we all went Roller Skating!
One word: FUN
We had soooo much fun!
::Liam:: first timer on skates - just walked on them the whole time. About 2 hours in he wanted his skates off. His little legs were tired.
::Grace:: Her first time on skates as well. She caught on quickly, went out on the rink, stayed close to the sides and went around again and again. Then, worn out, would come to my table and exhaustedly fall down. After a short rest she was back at it again.

::Micah:: Started out with reg roller skates, and changed to Roller blades after the first hour. He pretty much looked like that scarecrow from the wizard of oz trying to walk..all wobbly and such. It was funny. He had a good time though.

::Monica:: She started out a little scared to skate, but by the first hour was skating very well. She could often be found holding Graces hand out on the rink. What a great big sis!
::Karrie:: Standing next to either Grace or Liam the whole 4 hours. Picking them up as they fell down. Enjoying my kids happiness!

To finish off our fun we stopped at DQ for some dipped cones. Great day :)


  1. Liam looks so old!! How cute and fun, what a good idea!

  2. Way to go Karrie! I knew you could do it. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you by yourself with 4 kids and all...I wish we had a rollerrink.

  3. That looks like so much fun. You are such a good mom, i dont know if i would bring my kids on a adventure like that but it looked well worth it. I love skate rinks, where was it? do they still have skate west? that place rocked!!