Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 Resolutions!

Here are my 2009 Wishes, Dreams, and Goals.

*Work out 5 times a week - get strong.
* Run a 5K with Matt this spring/summer.
*No more fast food - I am really bad about this..
*Really think about the food I put into my body. Eat healthier.

*Get my house organized - go room by room!!
*Finish the childrens rooms - I have painted them, just need to finish all those cute accessories.
* Finish up my years supply of Food Storage.

*Read scriptures daily with the children. This might be a great idea with my busy kids. *Continue going here to renew and connect.
*Make lots of cute hair bows this year. Just something I put off doing all the time.
*Perhaps work on some new blog headers too.
Learn more about Photoshop.

*Continue [Couponing] and try a family grocery/food budget for $1200 for the year!

*Make and keep a family schedule!
*Grow things in our backyard - we need to plant grass in the spring and fill our flower beds.
*Build a family firepit for roasting marshmallows in the back yard.
*Family trips - I would like to go camping and hiking as a family at least once this summer.
*Take a family trip to the beach and/or silverwood this summer.
*Potty Train Liam --get my last child out of diapers!!

I used this cute format for NewYears Resolutions on [dandees] blog. Thanks for the cute idea!

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  1. i know you can do it! you have already started the working out thing and if you keep it up you will be all ready for that 5k! i also would like to do a 5k. it sounds like you have some good goals.