Friday, October 16, 2009

Things to come, Emily

Just think Emily in a few days this will all be yours. This is what we came home to tonight with our babysitter. Emily has agreed to take on Liam and Grace for a week. They didn't break her last time, but this time they're coming back bigger and brattier. Just kidding, I'm sure they will be little angels.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm the new king of the bloggesphere, all hail Matt

Comet thinks he's a human, he like to sit in the chairs in the back yard now. From now on I'll be running things in Trumania.-- matt

Canned Grape Juice

This was my first experience making grape juice this year. I was given free grapes so I had some fun -- nevermind my grapejuice looks pink..I am hoping it is good to drink. We will see.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fair FUN with Ashleigh!!!!

My sister Ashleigh and I have a tradition of going to the fair in Tri-cities, WA. Its our one day to spend as much money as we want on greasy food and to act like goofy teenagers again. Last year Ashleigh was pregnant and couldn't make it so I had been looking forward to this for 2 years. We always have a dare that we have to do and this year we got them on video. Those are at the end of this post. Now On to the FAIR!!!!

The freaky cow girl lady. Her hand was so big and warm.

Ashleigh curled my hair this fun way before we left. It looked kinda cool.


We went to look at the pigs. We got in the pin and the pig was biting Ashleighs leg! We couldn't stop laughing, we were trying to be brave and although you cant tell, we was pretty scared.


This year the Truman Family entered in lots of stuff this year. Here I am showing off my blue ribbon for a scrap book page I fun fun!

Mmmmm.... Funnel cakes. This was both of our favorites.

Look who we ran into. Jordan and his good friend Justin. These two were our toys this year. We had so much fun playing with them. Whenever we got bored we just looked for them and somehow found something fun to do.

Ashleigh went on the trampolinie thing - and said it very fun! Check out Ashs Matrix!

Silly faces
OK, this time just smile. (ahhh.. that Justin!!! He made us laugh so much.)
Then onto the concert. Clint Black. A country singer.
We ran into my aunt, my uncle, my gramdma and all the other weirdos that we are related to. It was lots of fun.

We grooved big time at the concert. One lady kept glaring at us because she thought we were being rude.... but COME ON!!!

After the concert we got bored and couldn't find the dream tellers so we decided to go spy on Jordan and his friends. Here I am walking all "sneaky like".

We spotted him. We had to be velly velly sneaky.

He was totally flirting with this girl. It was fun to watch him. Yes we are creepy.
Then they spotted us. Here he is with Justin and Mackenzie.

This kid is hilarious!!

By the way, we got sham wows!!! (Or shall we say SCAM wows)

and yes we LOVED them (that night anyways)!!

When we headed out to our car to go home this is the scene we fell upon in the parking lot. They were surrounded by sheriffs on horses. It was Jordan and Justin! At first I thought they were in some sort of trouble, but I guess Justin just left his lights on and needed his battery charged.

The next morning Jordan comes home with a henna tattoo. This is like a week before his mission. He is such a dork! I think they last for at least a few weeks. This is such a Jordan thing to do though.

THE DARES:Our Tradition of Stupidity- - but its hilarious! We all dare each other to do something hard. Enjoy.

We dared Jordan to kiss the girl he was flirting with earlier. Here is a picture of it. It wasnt just a peck either. Poor girl! Just look at the expression on her face.

Justins Dare was to dig through the garbage cans and look for bottle tops. This one may have been my fav.

We tried to find a hideous girl for Jordan and this was the best we could find. His dare was to go up to her and flirt with her. His was pretty lame, we should have had him do something else because he was MORE than willing.

My dare was to ask for a free bracelet for rides. This was kinda scary for me..but I did it!

Mackenzie is big into drama and acting. So we thought long and hard on this one. I wish I would have gotten a better video of this because it was hilarious!!! He had to trip in front of this "hot" girl.

Ashleighs dare was to ask the stage people if I could see Clint Black (This was after the performance and the stage hands were cleaning up). The creep was totally hitting on Ashleigh. Gross!!

We had so much fun if you cant tell. Love you ASH!!! Until next year.....