Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Canned Grape Juice

This was my first experience making grape juice this year. I was given free grapes so I had some fun -- nevermind my grapejuice looks pink..I am hoping it is good to drink. We will see.


  1. The reason it isnt the dark purple color is because of the type of grapes you used. My inlaws make grape juice and they use two differnt kinds. Some of the grapes which were more famously used to make wine turned out a lighter color and then they had concord grapes that tuned out more purple and those are more traditionally used for grape juice. Both were good. So, your grape juice should be just fine. I am glad to see you taking over the blog. I need to know what is going on over in trumania. Love you guys!

  2. just let it ferment for a year or two ... then it will be great!