Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today we went to a fun park next to the columbia river,it was such a nice day and its confrence week so me and Micah get out at 10:45.Soo we spent 2 hours playing and capturing them! :D

(i was on top to)
 Micah  decided that even with a hurt foot to climb a 15 foot rock climbing wall...

Grace loved jumping off this thing that sent you flying down this is her way
Liam played and hade fun in his ways :)
(these are my favorites)

We sit to look at the river

It was pretty cool this goose came pretty close to us!
Skipping rocks
This is a movie that I made that has a twist at the end :) enjoy


  1. Hahaha Monica!!! You are so good at this blogging thing! What was it that Comet ate off the table??

  2. pretty darn good yes and what was it comet ate off the table? gram t

  3. thx and it was a taco shell :D