Monday, October 27, 2008

Micahs Football Days

Just added these 3 actual GAME Pictures --- micah is #11 -- or shall we say number ONE ONE!

This fall Micah has been enjoying his first Football Season = his team is called the DRAGONS..He played Defense most of the season and Kicker! He loved hanging out with all the guys and playing rough.. The season has now come to an end...but he had a blast! Micah is in the red jersey #5 for practicing in...

My Micah is just about the funnest kid around - He has been the best big brother to Liam and just a side note - they sleep and snuggle together in bed at night on purpose -its so sweet. 9 years old and full of joy. His singing an angel too!!

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  1. that is so cool that he is playing football. i absolutely love the last picture of micah. it looks like it could be a clothing ad in a magazine. micah is such an amazing kid, he has a specialness about him. not many big brothers would be that nice to there younger siblings. oh and i love what you did to your blog! god job girl!