Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 2 in Vancouver!

So day 2..We went to eat breakfast at the Hampton..added to Dads apple stockpile. We are sporting like 8 apples I think now..oh and two oranges. Plus dad came back with a massive quantity of candy from his convention...he says he just poured the whole bowl in!! HOARD ALERT!! He may have gone too far that!!

But you know what was cute? Dad says he always takes an apple on his walk to work to hand to a homeless person on the way. There are a lot of homeless people here ..tons. Anyways, I thought that was really cool. So today he took one of the "breakfasts to go to give to one of has apple,muffin,snack bar ect. My dad has the best heart.

So Dad went off to work..and I decided to go run on the treadmill. I ran a mile and then sat down to the computer. Skyped the kids, did some blogging and just relaxed! By the way, Dad LOVES this skype is a pic of him talking to Grace and Liam!
At lunch time dad called and wanted to meet me half way, and have lunch. We found this really cool little diner with DELICIOUS food! We both had paninis..they were fancy. This was the best meal we have eaten on this trip thus far. By the way I am horrible at trying to get a picture with both of us in it..see?

Later that night, we started on our way to Chinatown. It was probably a mile walk there..but we were excited to eat some "real chinese food".
AT first it looked okay..but sooner than we thought..we were in the ghetto.
Oh my!!!! Nearly all of Chinatown here was dead..empty, barred windows.. the BAD side of town. I was totally freaked out! I was too scared to take any pictures. The only people around were scaries, druggies, homeless, or gangster looking ones. We were like fast walking ducks.. I am serious..we were lucky we werent mugged or stabbed. I was stepping over drug needles here and there, and I even saw a drug deal. We had read about this one Chinese restaurant that was supposed to be good..but by the time we got there it was 7:00 ish or so..and we figured that we better not stay as we have to walk back in the dark.

Look at that in Chinatown..nothing says welcome to Vancouver than a big pile of toxic waste!

We decided to try to find dinner on an island..but it was waaay far away. Probably like 5 miles or something..but we started on our way. Dad noticed that he had been to Vancouver for the 1986 World Fair. So we took a few pictures of the big silver building for memories sake.

Then kept on walking.. It was a nice path along the inlet. We stopped for some fun pics here and there. Look how beautiful the city scape is!! Amazing!

Then we found a place with a small ferry boat that would take us to the island..woo hoo!!! Here we are on the ride!

Arrived at the Island, and went to this really nice restaurant for dinner. Food wasnt the greatest, but the view was AMAZING! I tried for a picture in the dark..but it was blurry. It was so gorgeous though. Afterwards we took a taxi (my first taxi ride ever by the way..) and got back to the hotel. We went hot tubbing, sauna-ing, and then got back to watch the re-run of American Idol. I fell asleep in the middle of it. It was a fun day!!! Tomorrow..the aquarium!


  1. Wow, that looks like one fun day! Now you can appreciate Mark's superior one arm photo taking skills right?!! I told you downtown Vancouver's skyline was cool, and man am I glad to hear you made it out of Chinatown. That's such a disapointment though...Grace and Liam are missing you!


  3. Ok, first thing...that picture of dad by the lounge chair. He was probably doing his famous "arrr, arrr, arr" sound when he's hyper. LOL
    second, this looks like a fun trip of just you and Dad. I think it was cool that you drove all the way there to see him! What were you eating in that pic?

  4. ya, vancouver is pretty but lots of drugs going High School, on my marine biology trip in BC, some of us even got offered drugs! crazy!