Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On the Road

In the morning we checked the pass. It was still closed, so we hung out a little longer. Then when we were thinking of going back home..we checked the pass report again..and it was OPEN! So we quickly packed up and hit the road.
This was by far the best car trip ever! Monica and Micah Grace and Liam happily played together. Liam said he looked cool in my sunglasses.
Grace took pictures with her "REAL" (old one of ours) cell phone. Liam loved it.


  1. That is too cute about grace and Liam. I love that cheesy grin he has too. Love those kiddos of yours. Also, I wanted to say that having kids sleep on the car ride really does make all the difference. I am glad the road trip was nice and not stressfull. Love ya!

  2. those two are so entertaining! it's hard to get bored with them around!