Wednesday, December 17, 2008


*Sigh*.. the snow is gently falling down and it looks so beautiful and peaceful.
Big Huge white fully flakes.
I love looking at white thick snowflakes in the light from the street lights , perhaps it reminds me of childhood Christmas past.
I love when everything is blanketed with snow.
Tonight while the snow was falling, we all got super cozy and sat down to watch the movie "Fred Claus" together. Made some warm popcorn and enjoyed some family time.

Its nights like these that I sometimes wish would never end.


  1. I know what you mean. I hope you enjoyed it. You deserve some good peaceful evenings where all you do is spend good quality time with the family. I love the good snow too.

  2. That is so cute, tear. They all look so into the movie too!

  3. so cute and a great blog...u just got me even more excited to see you guys...can't wait!!! and all the kids must take after matt when watching movies...that picture totally provies it!! lol.

  4. awww... i actually got a litle teary eyed. i dont know why. this blog just made me happy.