Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grace turns 4

Grace turned 4 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet little girl.
I took her to Costco today to pick out a birthday cake, and wouldnt you know her favorite one was this one with a Christmas Tree and bear on it. They had rainbow and princess themes, but it makes me laugh that she wanted the Christmas one..She is so funny!! And of course before we got the cake home she had poked a hole in the package and put her finger in the cake, she is a sneaky one..But we all love her. Jake & Angela came down for the party and we all had good times!

Let me tell you a little bit about Grace.

My dear little daughter is just full of love, life and energy. Her sense of humor often has the whole family laughing. She is a SILLY SILLY GIRL - Can you tell from the pictures?
She is always trying to help everyone with whatever they need, a very hard worker.
Grace can often be found in her room playing with toys while humming or singing her favorite songs. She is so happy most of the time, but still has a little firey temper too. She goes to Head Start Preschool for trouble with her speech, but she is improving every day. She loves bringing us all home paintings and artwork, and loves to tell us about her letter of the day she just learned.
She is so much of a joy to our whole family.
We love you our dear little GRACE! Happy Birthday!
Here are some video clips from today - enjoy!


  1. She is growing up so fast. I can't believe she is 4. This next year is going to fly by so buckle up

  2. Hi Kerrie! Remember me? I saw your blog on Emily's. Hope you don't me sneaking a peak at you. Your little girl is adorable! I love your food in a box posts. I think I am going to do that. What a great idea! You look great!

  3. we love you grace!! happy birthday. she really is a special girl. she is so smart and very thoughtful and loving. we cant wait to see you guys.