Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Lights

Our Little Cozy Home - All decked out

Can you believe this was our first year we have ever put up Christmas Lights? Moving every 2 years or so has kept us so busy and we havent had the time or energy to do them. Well this year when Liz came down she inspired us by putting up the bush lights for us...
and we couldnt stop there..
so I went down to Walmart, one thing led to another...
and I brought home a bunch of lights!When Matts mom left he got to work on putting them all up. We all know how men love a new project right? heehee..

Well, Matt put up all but one of the red rope lights for my other pillar. I am still thrilled. I love my sweetheart-and appreciate all he did to make our house so cute on the outside!


  1. yah!!! how cute and i don't just mean matts butt lol liz

  2. Good one mom! It looks like you got your header back, how did you do it?!! The house looks very cute and festive, I really don't believe that you guys have never put up Christmas lights before, that's crazy!