Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grandma Time

Grandma Truman came all the way down from Canada to spend time with her grandkids. She spent the first week with Jake and his family, the second week with Emily & Mark and the last week and a half with our family. We all had so much fun with her we didnt want to give her back to Grandpa!!
Some of our memories of this week,

*Liam calls her Grampa (I think on purpose.) he would say "Grampa HOLD me!!"

* Grace running to hug Grandma when she got home from school to show her her newest painting! Grandma always has the biggest compliments for Graces artwork.

*Micah recieving some very needed socks from Grandma..she is too thoughtful!

*Grandma and Matt trying each night to get off to a movie (and it never happened..)

*All of us SICK! Liam was up the first 2 nights Grandma was here all night every hour. We didnt get much sleep at all, then after some antibiotics Liam was feeling much better. But all of us were not - Colds, Flu and just plain old tired all week.

*and last but not least, Liam running to Grandma as fast as his little legs could carry him when Mommy said, "Time for Naptime!" He ran and said, "Hide me Grandpa!"

We will miss having you around. Please come and see us again soon Grandma!


  1. Wish I could be there. I don't even know your kids anymore.

  2. ohh, just wait till i get there...grandma ain't got nothin on me with liam!!! lol. can't wait to see you guys!

  3. thanks karrie-love you all bunches

  4. That's so cute! Those kids are hilarious, I'm sure Grandma is having serious withdrawls!

  5. so, this is off the topic of the blog...but remember that one popcorn you made at your last house...the kettle corn with the chocolate and stuff....i think we should consider making that again???? or pass on the recipe:)