Thursday, December 10, 2009


Oh yeah, this kid is all BOY. You like his homemade slingshot?
How about his backwards shorts tag hangin out? Oh yeah, and by the way he wants to wear those Superman pajamas like everyday... * be 3 again.*

By the way, its Karrie again..yeah, thats right!! (Matt had high hopes..but it didnt happen.)


  1. Haha!!! I knew Matt couldn't hack it. Oh Liam...I love the toothbrush slingshot! He's very creative, he also makes everything into a gun too.

  2. LOL... well I am glad that you are back. Men just cant seem to get things done.. Thats right Matt, you heard me right. :) I have to agree that he is ALL boy. gotta love the little guy.

  3. THANK U THANKU THANK U THANK U THANK THANK U THANKS i hate to say this but matt u stunk as a blogger et