Friday, December 11, 2009

Ballet Class

Monica and Grace have been doing Ballet this year at the TriCities Academy of Ballet. They LOVE ballet. Enjoy these pictures of them having fun at class.


And Here is Monica. By the way, she is in the Nutcracker Ballet performance this year as a fairy. The Show is tonight-through this weekend! I think Ballet is monicas favorite thing to do, even though she looks serious in these pictures. She works really hard and her skills are improving every week!


  1. I miss Grace!! She looks so cute. And Monica looks GOOD, I wish I could be there to see her perform!

  2. awww... I just love your girls. They look so cute in their ballet outfits. Monica looks so sophisticated, just like a ballerina should look. Give them both a big hug from me.

  3. That red head in the first picture looks like she wants to eat grace....

  4. the red head better not try we know who will eat who i lova lova lova the pics thanks