Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Visit from an Alaskan

Last week my sister Bethany came down from the chilly north to spend a few days with me.
I was so excited!!

I got to see her kids Trey, Morgan and Mattie. They have grown so much!
I had just barely ended my month long sickness when they came, so I still didnt have too much energy. I was probably a real bore. We sat around a lot to watch the kids play together and ate.
I forgot to take lots of pictures. But here are a couple of Morgan and Mattie.

They are so cute and fun!

I miss you all so much already! Thanks Beth for coming to see us all, it meant so much to me.
I need my family so much!!

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  1. love the pictures! i bet you had so much fun. I also love it when family can get together. We have so much fun together dont we. I bet grace and morgan got along real good. They are at a good age to be good friends.