Thursday, March 5, 2009

Great Day

It has been the past 5-6 years now that everywhere I go people call me MAM..

Thank you MAM..
Come again soon MAM...
Can I help you find anything MAM?
MAM, can you have your child sit down in that

At first it was really really annoying..I knew I must have been getting older being called MAM all the time. It bothered me a lot.

Well I was at Costco and when I was checking out..the checker said

"Thank you MISS...have a great day!"

MISS?!? I was thinking..oh my goodness! Could it be because I was wearing my retainer I didnt care..I was thrilled to say the least. So on the way out I had to write down a nice note in the customer opinions tell Dave how happy he made me. I feel like the:

okay, maybe not that great..but still pretty good!!


  1. That seriously made me laugh! I think I laughed so hard a couple toots came out. I loved that you said maybe it was because you were wearing your retainer. SO FUNNY! That guy deserves a good review. We should all be called miss instead of MAM.....just the sound of it gives me wrinkles.

  2. LOL!! That's awesome, I'm also still laughing after reading Ashleigh's comment, you both are hilarious!

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