Friday, September 30, 2011

Truman Family Vacation!

Hey!Sorry I haven't blogged in a while,anyways we had our family vacation and I have a ton of pictures!Well I'll start with the day we decided to climb and search the red (well there really orange) rocks, Enjoy :)
Me and Micah on the rocks
Grace and Liam decided to climb with us to

We found the opening!
Beautiful scenery
Grace Micah and Liam

Me and Micah found a little way out so we thought of trying to get out that way (I'm in the back behind Micah and we did make it out)
This is my favorite!

Me and Micah
Also our good ole van broke down on the way to Utah so we bought a new one there! Here is our new van if you haven't seen it yet:

Beautiful.Well next time I will show you some pictures when we went to Zions National Park!We got to hike the narrows and I got some beautiful pictures! Till next time bye! 

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!! Keep the pics coming Monica!! Love the new ride!