Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slip n Slide fun

We brought out the slip n slide this weekend! The kids had tons of fun. I only snapped a few pics before my camera ran out of batteries. I will do another post because you have to see these kids on this was hilarious. But here are the few I did get!


  1. Isn't it so nice to have a backyard with grass?!! That looks so fun, makes me wish I was a small kid again that could easily slide on water and plastic, now I'd probably give myself a belly burn or something!!

  2. What cute pictures!! That looks like so much fun. Claire would prob. be too wimpy to go on a slip n slide though.

  3. You kept your dog! Your kids are growing up so much and getting so cute. That does look like fun and especially with all that sun shine your getting. Miss you all.