Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Sorry - My camera card had a virus or something, and I had lost the cord to my camera too - so I couldnt upload halloween pictures of the kids. I know, late late late!! But better late than never, right?

Liam was a pirate - and did a few houses trick or treating. He says "trick or treat" really well!! Its really cute.

Monica wanted to by an Egyptian this year...cleopatra.. :)

Micah was a boxer -- he has boxing gloves that he didnt wear for the picture. Also please note that this is the outside of our house. I purchased my first REAL Halloween decoration this year -- the BIG BLOW UP BLACK CAT!! ALL the kids in the neighborhood loved it!! We used it on top of our trunk for trunk or treat too..LOL!!

Graces newest passion is the Doodlebops. She wanted to be Dee Dee Doodlebop. So she wore a pink wig and had a blast!

And now for the fun part -- look at the massive quantities of candy they got -- TONS!!!

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  1. it looks like the kids scored big this year. monicas costume was pretty sweet. I miss the kids, I am crossing my fingers for new years.....